Nature and Wildlife Photography Tearsheets

With agents in Japan, Germany, Australia, France and the UK, as well as in the USA, our images have been published in every corner of the globe and in virtually every nature/wildlife magazine on the planet. Our first wildlife story on coyotes appeared in Ranger Rick (National Wildlife’s magazine for children) in 1975 and we’ve been telling wildlife’s story in photos ever since.


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With our passion of sharing wildlife’s complete life story, the best showcase for our images are books—large format photographic books, textbooks, guidebooks, children’s books, and storybooks. We‘ve been the sole photographers for 8 large format photographic books, over 30 books for children, and have participated with other photographers in hundreds more.


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Many corporations have found interesting uses for our images: Kodak, Nikon, Nike, Inc., Hallmark, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Boeing, Chevron, Chrysler, Kodak, Anheuser Busch and the U.S. Postal Service.


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We particularly enjoy our photos being used to create fun products—greeting cards, puzzles, stationery, calendars, posters, games, wind chimes and garden flags, woven textiles and clothing.