With thousands of searchable wildlife images, this website is a significant resource for the picture professional.

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Professional wildlife photographers Tom & Pat Leeson have created one of the world’s strongest wildlife stock image collections. Our wildlife pictures are intimate and in-depth, a season-by-season record of the key behaviors of most species.

This searchable database makes 35 years of premier wildlife images available at your fingertips. Our site is designed for the photo researcher. You may search the database directly using the search box above or allow us do the searching for you. We will respond with a lightbox promptly.

The images have a pre-priced, downloadable option or you may contact us directly to negotiate a payment more closely tailored to your project and budget. You are the heart of our business and we take pleasure in matching our images to your picture needs.

Call (360) 256-0436 or send an email at office@leesonphoto.com